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chiffon fabric(wj-lf-2)chiffon fabric(wj-lf-2)
Model No:wj-lf-2 Description: 1) Name: Printed Chiffon 2) Composition: 100% polyester 3) Construction: 50D*50D 4) Width: 58"/60" 5) Finishing: Plain dyed and printed, embroidery ...  Product Detail»
two tone chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-26)two tone chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-26)
Model No:wj-wsy-26 Description: Two tone chiffon fabric Composition: 100% polyester Specification: 50DX68D Width: 57/58" Finishing: Plain dyed Price: $1.15/m FOB Shanghai Packing: I...  Product Detail»
printed chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-25)printed chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-25)
Model No:wj-wsy-25 Description: 1.Specification:75D*75D 2.Composition:100%polyester 3.Density:110*78 4.Weight:61GSM 5.Width:57/58 6.Chiffon is usually used for ladies fashionable clothes.W...  Product Detail»
pinted chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-24)pinted chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-24)
Model No:wj-wsy-24 Description: 1. Specification: 75D*75D 2. Composition: 100%polyester 3. Density: 110*78 4. Weight: 61GSM 5. Width: 57/58 6. Chiffon is usually used for ladies fashionabl...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(js-sl-1)chiffon fabric(js-sl-1)
Model No:js-sl-1 Description: Material: 100% polyester Specifications: 50D x 45D/90 x 36 Suitable for shirts, blouses and high-grade garments Roll packing with polybag or accord...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(js-1)chiffon fabric(js-1)
Model No:js-1 Description:     Chiffon fabric Composition: 100% polyester Weight: 120gsm Width: 57/58-inch Specification: 75D x 75D Style: plain Price: reasonable price for every...  Product Detail»
hand painted chiffon fabric(zj-ct-2)hand painted chiffon fabric(zj-ct-2)
Model No:zj-ct-2 Description: Material: 100% polyester Specification: 100D x 100D, 75D x 75D and 50D x 50D Width: 148 to 150cm Weight: 125g/m Suitable for garments the...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(zj-ct-1)chiffon fabric(zj-ct-1)
Model No:zj-ct-1 Description: Material: 100% polyester Construction: 100 x 100D 75 x 75D 50 x 50D Suitable for garments Width: 148 t...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(wj-ym-2)chiffon fabric(wj-ym-2)
Model No:wj-ym-2 Description: Chiffon satin / chiffon / artificial satin 50D*50D Soft, comfortable.     ...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(wj-yz-2)chiffon fabric(wj-yz-2)
Model No:wj-yz-2 Description: Specifications: Construction: 75D x 75D/106 x 84 Width: 58/60 inches Weight: 65gsm Usually used for fashion dresses, shi...  Product Detail»